We created The Rind to provide you with attainable, chic clothing that will bring you confidence, joy and style to your everyday.

As women who find joy and value in the many titles we hold from mom to CEO, we are committed to building a community that elevates strong women voices, develops and empowers the ambitions of our team, and encourages the necessary balance between work and life.

We believe each person's unique style should be attainable for the every day so that whether it is a first date or picking the kid's up from school, you can step out in confidence.

Clothing should last and we commit to bringing you the very best quality at a price point that is attainable for your every day.

We understand that shopping has the ability to empower or stifle confidence.

We are redefining the shopping experience into one that is not only empowering but inclusive and attainable for you in every season of your life.

Our Team

Amanda Ramsay